How about a backyard beach with a firepit to go with that new treehouse?

$595 includes wood boarder
and sand 8x8
$2,295 includes 6 inch high boarder, sand and fire pit 12x10
$695 includes 3 plants, bricks, solar light, 3 rocks, dirt for mounding and decorative bark
$950 includes basic in ground fire pit
$2,195 includes wood boarder, gravel, 20 stepping stones and propane
fire pit 10x10
Fireplace bricks no mortar $475
Propane - $895
Unique in ground fire pit $1,200
$795 includes circle wood boarder, sand and brick fire pit
without mortar 10x10
$3,250 includes 10 inch high boarder, patio bricks and fire pit 12x10
$895 includes wood boarder, sand and brick fire pit without
mortar 12x12 - we arrange the plants and rocks that you supply

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