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Simple Treehouse Design For kids

On a budget? Have small children? This may be for you. 

We build this 8x8x 6ft high treehouse with zipline for $20,000

We build the platform no higher than 6' foot....... 

Treehouse dimensions 8' x 8' x 6' high walls with an extra 2' foot for the vault of the ceiling and with a 3' x 8' deck with fence

board railings 3' high. Includes ladder. The design varies depending on the tree. most small trees need posts and bracing. the overall size is 120 sq ft or 10x12 and no higher than 15 foot to the top of the roof

Add a slide, firemans pole or a rock climbing wall to your order from our treehouse accessories page

Adult and Kids Treehouses, Platforms, Tree Decks, Suspension Bridges, Slides and Ziplines!

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