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Treehouse Building Process

First of all......


We use the ingenious products invented by the GRANDFATHER of the tree bolt and he's the treehouse masters "MASTER" - Michael Garnier from the tv show treehouse guys


and also Pete Nelson from the tv show treehouse masters that make it all possible.


Their technology allows the treehouse to be stable up in the branches while the living tree can move freely in the wind. The attachement bolts become an artifical branch and can hold between 12,000 - 50,000 pounds per bolt! An average treehouse is built with four of these. If you want a large treehouse and it needs a permit.....these products are the ONLY way you will get the permit from your town.


 #1 On-Site Consultation

If you have dreams of a treehouse, we are here to help make those dreams come true. Prime Time will meet you at your property ready to hear all of your thoughts:  design visions, space requirements, desired materials, envisioned uses, financial budgets, scheduling, everything you want to discuss in regards to your new treehouse.

We will then make a site survey, walking your land with you and discussing potential build locations, evaluating trees, and helping to choose the best location for your treehouse. Once determined, he will visually assess the health of the chosen tree(s) and make detailed measurements of the trees and the site. Using these measurements, along with the knowledge of your ideas and dreams, we will make a conceptual sketch (elevation drawing) of your future treehouse. (This sketch is a starting point —  we will work together later to refine the design.) You can expect sketches within one week of the On-Site Consultation. Cost varies but the average price is $250 per square foot. But because every job is different and unique and budgets are always the most important factor........we will work with anyone and their budget and project goals!

#2 What is the cost of an On-Site Consultation?

We charge a flat fee of $500 for On-Site Consultations in northern california...... (the $500 will be subtracted from the total project price in the final bid.......In addition to the conceptual sketch and information provided during the On-Site Consultation, the following are also included:


  • On-site rough inital drawing.

  • Scale drawing (plan view) of your treehouse platform.

  • Arborist recommendation, if we think one is needed.

  • Potential material sources on your site.

  • Construction, staging and worksite advice if you want to build your own treehouse.

  • A bid for the construction of all or part of your treehouse. Or you can choose one of our current designs to make everything easy.

  • The team from Prime Time's travel expenses to and from your site.

For out-of-state consultations we charge a flat fee of $2,000 plus travel expenses. Depending on scope and circumstances, other arrangements can be made and agreed upon.


#3 Get added to our build calendar - 

If you have had an On-Site Consultation, you are well on your way to getting on our build calendar. Currently we are scheduling builds 6-8 weeks out.

After you decide to hire our company and sign the building contract a $5,000 payment is due and when we order lumber and materials to be delivered....we will have the local lumber yard call you for a credit card# to pay for the intial building materials. The $5,000 payment covers costs incurred for traveling/food/hotel rooms, developing a materials list; sourcing & ordering & delivery of materials, our initial payroll for employees the first week, on-site work, travel, and any refinements to the final design. Plus any additional site visits and consultations with an arborist, engineers, and/or county personnel if a large treehouse is built and you want plumbing or electrical - as a building permit will be required by your town/city.

Additional fees are placed on the contract as well for hotel and travels fees during the build and are typically $300-$500 per day depending on how many hotel room we will need. These fees are not extra and are all included in our bid.


 Projects can take 2-3weeks and large builds 6 weeks to 8 weeks depending on the size of the project. If your treehouse sits 7 foot off the ground that's easy......if its 15 foot off the ground then the price and build time increases.


The most important thing about the initial $500 on site visit .........Is it puts you on our building calendar.

A payment schedule for the remaining balance of the cost of the treehouse will be due upon completion of the build.


#4 Schedule an On-site Consultation

Simply call or submit a request via the email link on our contact page  (CLICK HERE)

Please tell us some detail of what you want, where you are located and the amount and type of trees you have on the site.









Treehouse Attachment bolts - TABS for an artificial heavy duty steel Limb to support thousands of pounds!

Adult and Kids Treehouses, Platforms, Tree Decks, Suspension Bridges, Slides and Ziplines!

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